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What fuels me

On Tuesday January 22nd I started rehearsals for a play called THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE. It was my first play in a couple of years, and my first since moving from NYC back to Pittsburgh. The play was funny and I had a great character - Miss Tracy Mills. She was a fabulous, grand drag queen with a heart of gold who swoops in to save the day. I was stoked. 

On Saturday January 26th, my partner Landen died. 

One of the questions I had to ask in my grief-soaked fog was “Do I quit the play, or do I do it anyway?”

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The Gift of Time

I want to feel fabulous, don’t you? I want to feel healthy, vibrant, and young. I want to feel at peace. I want to feel like my best self. Lately feeling this way has been more of a struggle than usual.

I’ve never been great at self care. I forget to brush my teeth at night and barely ever floss. I don’t drink enough water. I don’t eat at the right times and tend to binge on sweets and treats in the evening. I can’t get into a regular workout routine. I drink too much alcohol.

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Mindfulness is a Lifeline
A couple years ago Landen suggested I start to meditate. He said it would help with my anxiety, which was reaching an all time high. I immediately scoffed, "that's way too hippy dippy for me baby."
My anxiety continued to get worse. Landen again suggested meditation, commenting on how it had helped him and could really help me relax. I just laughed, "I know how to relax Queen - it's called Cabernet Sauvignon."
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